Space Empires Links

Malfador Machinations
Creators of Space Empires, the source of all official information.

Shrapnel Games

Publishers of the game. The place where to order and a good place to find other interesting games.

Shrapnel Games' Forums

This seems to be the most active SE4 community.

Play By Web

The site to go if you want multiplayer games.

Another great site and my host.

Universal Shipyards

A very good and complete site that's hosting my race styles.

New Age Shipyards

Atrocities' site with Star Trek shipsets for SE4 and more.

Dogscoff's minimalist website

A few shipsets, the SEIV geek code and more.

State of the art Spaceyards

Trooper's site hosting the race directory I had started, some shipsets, a decoder for the SEIV geek code...

Encyclopedia Malfadorica

An open encyclopedia about SEIV.

SE4 Yahoo Group

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Not much activity here lately. I guess email groups are not as exiting as forums. But it's a very old SE4 community just needing a little fresh blood.

IRC Channel:

If you want to chat about the game connect to the #SE4 channel on the server using an IRC program such as mIRC.

Rambie's SE4 Shipyard

Great Babylon 5 race styles and the B5 mod.

The Singularity

Richard Meic's revamped site.

Star Wars Links

Official Star Wars site
A good site with lots of info.

A site that seems to be more popular than the official sw site.

The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia
The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia

A good free and very complete encyclopedia


Maps of the Star Wars Galaxy even more complete than the official ones.

Star Wars and Star Trek compared from a scientific POV

Star Wars Modeling Alliance Mirror

Star Wars ships in 3ds format

Sci-fi 3d

More 3d Star Wars ships. A few models of ships from other sci-fi.

Please mail me if you want me to include your site here.