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The Draconians are a race of space-faring dragons, instead of using ships, they fly to space themselves.

Biological Description

Physically dragons are reptilian creatures that have a thick, long body, scaly skin, four strong legs, two bat-like wings, wedge-shaped heads, and long necks. They are naturally adapted to space flight their skin can resist the hard vacuum of space, although they still need carbon dioxide to breath, they are able to withstand extended periods without breathing. The potent psychic abilities intrinsic to the draconian nature are amply shown in their ability to fly adroitly, although their weight is many hundred stone, their ability to thrust themselves in space using some kind of telekinetic push, and their ability to belch forth mighty streams of consuming flame. Their natural lifespans are measured in millennia, and they never stop growing, so that the wisest and most ancient of dragons are also behemoths of vastness unequaled.

Society Description

Dragons are a wise and ancient race. They are terrible indeed in their anger, no other creature is as terrible in war as the dragon and they will guard their hoards and their eggs with all ferocity, but they are neither cruel nor rapacious in their own nature. Any who says otherwise speaks not the truth. As a matter of fact they consider themselves a honorable and peaceful race by nature, and like to live in close contact with their environment using very little high technology. Dragons pass much of their time alone in their lair, they, during this time, learn about their environment and how to use it wisely. Because they are alone a great deal of time, most of them enjoy company of other dragons and even aliens as long as they hadn't come in the goal of stealing or conquest. They are governed by a seven-member council. But because of their long lifespan, it is uncertain if members of the council are elected democratically or if the position is hereditary; no member of the ruling council has changed at least in the last 500 years their species has been known.

General History Description

Having the natural ability to fly in space, the Dragons explored their home-system long ago. They had no interest in going further, they knew about other races in the galaxy, but they could not understand the reasons for their self-destructive behavior, and kept well out of the way, in their remote system far from all this confusion. They lived in a peacefull state of isolation for over a thousand generations until they were found by the Terrans. The Terrans attacked without provocation, killing the dragon emissaries that tried to negotiate with them. In a later battle the dragons successfully repulsed the Terran invaders, but that incident opened their eyes. They realized that other races were getting more and more powerful and that they posed a threat for them. Dragons now explore other systems, ready to defend themselves in battle if necessary, decided to never let such massacre happen again.

Emperor Title and Name

High Elder Lickaarza

AI status:
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AI files by Steve Faught (Deathstalker)
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