Memnorak Protectorate

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This shipset is a full 3d conversion of one of the stock SE3 shipsets. It looks a millon times better than the one included in the SE3 Pseudo3D conversions.


The Memnorak are large blue arachnoids with extreme skills on engineering.

Biological Description

Physically Memnorak are large blue arthropods with a remarkable resemblance to spiders. Their leg span can reach up over 3 meters, but their bodies rarely surpass 1.5 meters. Their legs end on claws and scopulas that allow them to walk on ceilings and walls, an ability that has proven very useful in zero-G environments. Those claws also allow them to manipulate objects and use tools with any of their legs, although they are more dexterous with their delicate palps and with their chelicerae ended in those sharp and versatile fangs, useful to puncture, cut and even drive screws. They also have silk glands and spinnerets that produce several varieties of silk useful to glue or tie components. Some Memnorak often hang on a dragline to have all of their legs free to work. Those multiple appendices, natural tools, and exeptional dexterity, give them the ability to quickly build and repair complex machines.

Society Description

The Memnorak focus entirely on their work and typically ignore others around them. While a single Memnorak ship is extremely dangerous in war, they have trouble with group tactics and can often be outflanked. However they more than make up for this in the robustness of their ship construction. Their love of construction and their ability to concentrate on their work makes Memnorak ships some of the most rugged in the galaxy. It's said: "It's hard to find a Memnorak without his toolbox". Some races romanticise the Memnorak and how they tend to fight with individual ships against whole fleets. Despite the odds in combat, their individual nature and tough ships consistently come out on top.

General History Description

Memnorak history records several inventors and engineering feats, but very few rulers and no internal wars. The only factor that has apparently slowed their development has been their poor ability for teamwork. They still had preindustrial technology when they were first contacted by alien races. But after seeing their advanced ships, they decided they had to build ships like those. They formed a government to coordinate their efforts, and managed to progress in a few decades what took most other races centuries.

Emperor Title and Name

Supreme Preceptor Trellak

AI status:
2- AI files copied from another racestyle
(compilation of files from diferent AIs)

Tested in SE4 Version:

1.91 Gold
Exisiting AI Files:
Memnorak_AI_General.txt; Memnorak_AI_Anger.txt; Memnorak_AI_Construction_Facilities.txt; Memnorak_AI_Construction_Units.txt; Memnorak_AI_Construction_Vehicles.txt; Memnorak_AI_DesignCreation.txt; Memnorak_AI_Fleets.txt; Memnorak_AI_Planet_Types.txt; Memnorak_AI_Politics.txt; Memnorak_AI_Research.txt; Memnorak_AI_Settings.txt; Memnorak_AI_Strategies.txt; spiders.txt(Design Names)