Niridian Enclave

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This is the first original race style I made for SE4. It's based in an SE3 shipset I had made some time ago, the idea I had when I created that first draft was to make a simple shipset and to make normal ships, carriers, transports and colony ships easy to identify at first sight. That's why I used lots of cannons in normal ships, landing strips in carriers and cargo containers in transports. The final look is much better than my initial expectations, it's one my bests race styles and definitely my favourite among my original works.
It’s also one of the races in a story I have had in my mind for a long time and never got to write. There should be other two major races in that story and I may get to make race styles for them soon.


The Niridians are a race of honorable warriors.

Biological Description

Niridians are methane-breathing humanoids, that evolved on a frozen tundra planet with a large number of active volcanoes. Being native of such harsh condition, they have great natural resistance to environmental factors, having their mouth and nostrils covered with a fold of skin to give them extra protection.

Society Description

The Niridian society is divided into several clans, organized in a rigid hierarchic structure that varies from clan to clan. There is a strong rivalry between clans, and short confrontations are still often, however they only use primitive weapons and have very few causalities, reserving their high-tech weaponry for their defensive fleet. When a Supreme Clan Master dies, the leaders of each clan fight each other in a series of ritual deathmatches and the resulting winner is declared the new Supreme Clan Master.

General History Description

The Niridian history is full of inter clan wars. Shortly after the discovery of space travel, the first Supreme Clan Master united their people by giving them a common objective: explore the stars.

Emperor Title and Name

Supreme Clan Master Arut

AI status:
3- Attempt to create original AI files, but they don't work very good
AI files by Andrés Lescano
Tested in SE4 Version:
1.84 Gold
Exisiting AI Files:
niridia_AI_General.txt; niridia_AI_Settings.txt; niridia_AI_Research.txt; niridia_AI_DesignCreation.txt; niridia_AI_Anger.txt; niridia_AI_Politics.txt; niridia_AI_Fleets.txt; niridia_AI_Construction_Vehicles.txt; niridia_AI_Speech.txt; niridia_AI_Planet_Types.txt; Niridia.txt(design name);