Sethulkra Regime

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This shipset is a full 3d conversion of one of the stock SE3 shipsets. It looks a millon times better than the one included in the SE3 Pseudo3D conversions.
Thanks to "Kevin Arisa" for the original descriptions.


The Sethulkra are genetical manipulation artists that see other races only as objects for their biological art.

Biological Description

An average Sethulkra is approximately 1.5 meters in length. They are usually of a brown coloration with slight variations in hue although some unusual individuals have been known to be of a darker almost black color with blueish highlights. Their eyes are a deep golden yellow and allow them to see into the infrared as well as into the ultraviolet spectrum. Sethulkra lack a solid skeletal system, their form is held in place by complex placements of cartilage. Sethulkra bodies have very few vital organs in them but the ones they have are heavily reinforced with cartilage. The most heavily guarded is a peculiar ring shaped organ that allows them to hover up to a meter above the ground by bending gravitons around itself. Their teeth are set on extendable jaws which they use to sever their diet of small and long invertebrates. Another distinguishing feature are the tentacles. These are very sensitive, and can even detect the thoughts of other Sethulkra from a single touch.

Society Description

Sethulkra society is a very rich one where art is the most important of all things. Their art is centered around genetic manipulations that they deem as the true form of self expression. They are always looking for new subjects for their art which when finished they then place in stasis in their great art halls for all to see. Their government is ruled by a lord who has proven himself in a match of skill with other contestants. These matches take place every 30 years or when the current lord dies. In such a match the contestants take places in manipulation chambers and try to kill each other by altering the vital functions of the other candidates while trying to repair lethal alterations to themselves. These matches can go on for days. The last candidate alive is named ruler and lord of all Sethulkra. This is never disputed for none would dare to defy the victor of the match. Sethulkra have no respect for other races for they see them only as objects for their biological art. Modifying a sentient species is considered the highest form of art possible. Pairing that with their mastery of biological manipulations makes them a horribly dangerous species.

General History Description

The Sethulkra have had a history of war ever since they met their first alien race. Their total lack of respect for alien life has given them the label of a race of monsters. For generations Sethulkra have been abducting alien species by the millions all to fuel their unending desire for new artforms. The word about this dangerous race has not reached very far, for all species that know them are engaged in desperate combat or are horribly mutated and frozen in stasis in their art halls. The Sethulkra have sent colony ships into the far reaches of the galaxy for the sole purpose of seeking out new forms of life for their twisted art.

Emperor Title and Name

Lord Aventhass

AI status:
2- AI files copied from another racestyle
Tested in SE4 Version:
1.91 Gold
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Sethulkra_AI_General.txt; Sethulkra_AI_Settings.txt; Sethulkra_AI_Research.txt; Sethulkra_AI_DesignCreation.txt; Sethulkra_AI_Anger.txt; Sethulkra_AI_Politics.txt; Sethulkra_AI_Fleets.txt; Sethulkra_AI_Construction_Vehicles.txt; Sethulkra_AI_Construction_Units.txt; Sethulkra_AI_Construction_Facilities.txt; Sethulkra_AI_Planet_Types.txt; Sethulkra.txt(design name);