Galactic Empire

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Ok here you have the Imperial shipset updated to Gold. I got tired of having three different versions and joined them back into only one (preserving the name SW-EMP1 for compatibility) using the extra pictures to fit neo-standard sizes. And left the other portraits as alternatives.


This is a work of fan art. Its author has not received compensation of any kind for this work. The vehicles and characters in this work are the property of Lucasfilms Ltd., and 3d models and/or pictures are property of their respective authors.


A huge and strong totalitarian dictatorship that dominates an entire galaxy.

Biological Description

Imperial population is mainly made up of humans, there are a few aliens, but they are not treated as equals by humans and very few are found among their military forces.

Society Description

The basic belief of the Empire was to rule by fear of force rather than by force itself. Having no enemy worth it, the main objective of its huge war machine is to instill fear in its own population preventing any uprising. As the right hand of the Emperor, Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith commands the Imperial forces and negotiates with other nations.

General History Description

The Empire was established by Senator Palpatine when he managed to destroy the Galactic Republic from within. Details on that event were deliberately erased. Then he assumed the position of galactic ruler, instituting his New Order and proclaiming himself Emperor.

Emperor Title and Name

Lord Darth Vader

AI status:
3- Attempt to create original AI files, but they don't work very good
AI files by Steve Faught (Deathstalker)
Tested in SE4 Version:
1.84 Gold
Exisiting AI Files:
sw-emp1_AI_General.txt; sw-emp1_AI_Settings.txt; sw-emp1_AI_Research.txt; sw-emp1_AI_DesignCreation.txt; sw-emp1_AI_Anger.txt; sw-emp1_AI_Politics.txt; sw-emp1_AI_Fleets.txt; sw-emp1_AI_Construction_Vehicles.txt; sw-emp1_AI_Speech.txt; sw-emp1_AI_Construction_Facilities.txt; sw-emp.txt(design name);