Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium

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Ok, this is a quite crude shipset. Maybe I'll make a real 3d Ssi-Ruu sometime.


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The Ssi-Ruuk.

Biological Description

The Ssi-Ruuk (the plural form of Ssi-Ruu) are warm-blooded, bipedal dinosaur-like creatures native to the outermost areas of the galaxy. They have clawed hands and feet, strongly-muscled hind legs and their bodies end with muscular tails. Instead of wearing clothing they wear bandoleers which carry their tools, weapons, and other equipment (they find the idea of covering the body humorous). They are covered with a thick scaly hide. The hide is so thick that it is known to withstand blaster bolts and only having minor burns marks to show for it. They have long beak-like muzzles which contain sharp teeth. Their sensitive eyes rely on triple eyelids to help them quickly adjust to changes in light. However, they do not rely on vision, much as humans do. Rather they rely on their nose tongues. These nose tongues are capable of detecting changes in emotions making it hard to deceive a Ssi-Ruuk once he is familiar with the "scent" of a being. The Ssi-Ruuvi language is a series of honks, whistles and throat clicks. Several of the higher pitches in the Ssi-Ruuvi vocabulary are above the human hearing range. There are at least four races of Ssi-ruuk, based on their coloration: blue, gold, red-brown, and green. And there is a similar species, the smaller P'w'eck that serve only as slaves.

Society Description

They hold to a very rigid code of honor, as well as a strict caste system which is based on skin coloration and patterning. Blue Ssi-ruuk are members of the highest caste, and are the politicians and leaders of their society. Gold-skinned Ssi-ruuk are very rare, and are members of the religious caste. Brown or red Ssi-ruuk are generally stronger than their counterparts, and comprise the military caste. The green-scaled Ssi-ruuk are workers. The Ssi-ruuk are also highly religious, as evidenced by the power of the Conclave in governmental decisions. They fear the possibility of dying away from their homeworld, believing that the soul of an individual who die on another world would be lost forever. Thus, the Ssi-ruuk consecrate every world they want to colonize, to ensure there is an afterlife for their souls. As a rule, the Ssi-ruu are highly xenophobic, but are more disgusted by other species than afraid of them.

General History Description

In the beginning, there were four eggs. From the first hatched Ssi and P'w'itthki. Ssi's children hatched from the second egg, while P'w'itthki's children hatched from the third egg. The fourth egg was reserved for those descendants who earned a place in the afterlife. Eventually, Ssi was forced to defeat P'w'itthki in combat, but allowed P'w'itthki's hatchlings to live on, serving the children of Ssi forall eternity. This myth describes the beginning of the relationship between the Ssi-ruuk (htachlings of Ssi) and the P'w'eck (hatchlings of P'w'itthki). The Ssi-ruuk are a race from the outermost areas of the galaxy. They have a substantial fleet, although their isolation has kept them from expanding their influence elsewhere. The Imperium was nearly eliminated many years before the Battle of Yavin, when the aliens made the mistake of stumbling into Chiss-controlled space. The Chiss, angry that the Ssi-ruuk had dared to attack their colonies, struck back with incredible swiftness. Only the quick flight of the Imperium's core leaders maintained its existence. During the height of the New Order, Emperor Palpatine began negotiating with the Imperium for the use of their entechment technology, but their plans fell through with the New Republic's victory at the Battles of Endor and Bakura.

Emperor Title and Name

The Shreeftut

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