Yvelon Imperium

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This shipset is a full 3d conversion of one of the stock SE3 shipsets. It looks a millon times better than the one included in the SE3 Pseudo3D conversions.


A symbiotic (or parasitic?) race of crystalline life forms that can take an organic host.

Biological Description

The Yvelon are living crystals that are symbiotic to organic life forms. The Yvelon nourishes on the complex chemistry of the host, and in exchange it provides the host with extra senses, expanded intelligence and memory. An isolated Yvelon looks very much like a gem. Unlike other crystalline life forms such as the Cryslonite or the Y'Gathians the Yvelon can't manipulate their surroundings or even move on their own. The Yvelon do not age and seem to enjoy of a practically indefinite lifespan, however a Yvelon will soon become dormant without a host to sustain it.

Society Description

Very little is know about the Yvelon society, it is speculated that they can communicate directly via energy pulses, like the Cryslonite, but unlike them, the Yvelon seem to have a hierarchical structure functional to their imperial government.

General History Description

The Yvelon have always been secretive about themselves. Most of what we know about the Yvelon is what has been recorded by Phong archeologists. Their first appearance on modern history comes from an early Phong colony, where the Phong miners found a cavern with ruins of unknown origin. There are earlier references of this race on ancient Eee history, and it is speculated that they must have remained dormant for thousands of years. It is not known how the first Yvelon awoke, it is only known that the 'relics' that had been studied for a few years by the archeologists suddenly disappeared and soon after that the first Yvelon ships appeared. There seems to be a dark secret about them. Although they have always denied this, and their normally friendly and helpful demeanor seems to contradict it, some xenobiologists believe that Yvelon are not symbiotic as they claim but are just hungry parasites. They believe tha a Yvelon will eventually overrule its host will taking over its body, and that their apparent friendliness and altruism is just a trick to lure potential hosts. Some even suggest that on they reproductive state they will feed on vital organs of the host killing it. But what we know for sure is that their long lifespan, especially if their memory is as good as rumored, makes them extremely wise and dangerous as an enemy.

Emperor Title and Name

Imperator Yulroy

AI status:
2- AI files copied from another racestyle
Tested in SE4 Version:
1.91 Gold
Exisiting AI Files:
Yvelon_AI_General.txt; Yvelon_AI_Settings.txt; Yvelon_AI_Research.txt; Yvelon_AI_DesignCreation.txt; Yvelon_AI_Strategies.txt; Yvelon_AI_Anger.txt; Yvelon_AI_Politics.txt; Yvelon_AI_Fleets.txt; Yvelon_AI_Construction_Vehicles.txt; Yvelon_AI_Construction_Facilities.txt; Yvelon_AI_Construction_Units.txt; Yvelon_AI_Speech.txt; Yvelon_AI_Planet_Types.txt; Light.txt(Design Names)